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but she is first a soccer fan -- >> she is. more on team usa coming up live on "good morning america." >> stay with us for that and hahave a great tuesday. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. ? , kirkland heat takes hold of the nation's midsection -- crippling heat. it's tuesday july 19, i'm scott good morning, washington. bowman. ? i am pamela brown. ? the heat will get moving by
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thursday. especially friday and saturday we have some action of to our northwest. looks like our atmosphere locally will not be conducive to storms. but rather to the northwest that will possibly effect the west of interstate 81. eldridge west virginia, you could get a brief shower or thunderstorms early this. 80 downtown, 76 at dulles airport. we are in the mid to upper 70 opposin -- 70's. 1:00 this afternoon we could see storms firing with a west wins at 5-done. some could be strong to severe. friday, 101. let's go to breaking traffic news. we do have an accident to
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report on kohl's bill road between franklin street dance like to spea -- colesville road between franklin and silver spring. the american legion branches running smoothly. no delays or accidents. everything running well in springfield headed down 95. we did have one closure of southbound at 54. that should be cleared up by the morning and should be good to go. back to you. >> thank you. more details on the crash on colesville. sligo creek parkway area, a
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police cruiser and collided with another car. they suffered non life- threatening injuries. another day of dangerous heat gives the nation. ♪ people aren't checked in the pantry for bottled water and making sure the air-conditioner runs properly. >> we don't have any. >> you will not find one single box found. people throughout the washington region are bracing for a misery- inducing week of steamy weather. ♪ it's a lot of heat. >> i thought today was 100
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degrees. >> possibility of triple digits by thursday. >> a tropical heat waves. >> the heat index hit 119 in minnesota, 120 in south dakota, 126 in iowa. >> we have never seen anything like this in oklahoma. >> and nebraska they are dumping ice cubes into the swimming pools. that is expected to, our way -- come outr way. >> people are just glad to get to the door. >> cooling centers are set up
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in the d.c. region to help people. in arlington, abc 7 news reporting. >> the latest heatwave is the number one trending topic on our websites media mogul rupert murdoch will be in the hot seat today. british lawmakers are set to question him, his son james and former executive rebekah's books about the phone hacking scandal engulfing his british newspapers. yesterday's the anti-terrorism chief resigns in london amid questions of the hiring of a former editor of the news of the world" tabloid's out. ♪president obama wants a deal worth $4 trillion in spending cuts. the house is set to vote on a bill today on raising the debt
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ceiling, in exchange for huge budget cuts and spending cap. the president says he will veto. later this morning california democrat dianne feinstein will unveil a bill to repeal the law requiring marriage between a man and the woman. a senate committee tomorrow will hold hearing on the current law and this bill. it is game time for southwest airlines and not a happy ending for borders bookstores. >> linda delawar bell from bloomberg. ? borders bookstore without a formal proposal to keep the company operating, borders will liquidate its remaining 400 stores as soon as this friday.
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11,000 employees will soon lose their jobs. southwest airlines wants youtube en route the reward points by playing yahtsee. you can play online at their website at one of its 11 selected markets which includes the st. the promotion runs through september 20 -- which includes d.c stock-index futures indicating dance and that of this morning's opening bell. and trademark infringement regarding cupcakes. that is business news live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell record and. 77 degrees outside. >> after a series of attacks on
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a trail one woman is taking action on. >> and a small dog showing why size does not m
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tuesday morning 4:40.
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adam caskey in the weather center. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. 80 degrees in the district. 76 la plata 78 in annandale, 74 in cocktail -- rockdale. a few morning showers in west virginia. scattered storms this afternoon and evening. highs today in the mid 90's. some of those will be confined to the mountains tomorrow afternoon, higher elevations. 101 degrees by friday. it will feel like 110 or so in terms of the heat index. let's go to traffic. . > colesville road the shutdown
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between franklin street and sligo strecreek. they are diverting people on to georgia avenue from silver spring. that will be a difficult ride as traffic picks up. everywhere else is looking pretty good. the american legion bridge, and the beltway running pretty well. down 95 in springfield everything looking good, no major accidents or delays to report. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42 77 degrees this morning. >> a silent killer stalking baby boomers. and its top honor for a local ho
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following a developing story this morning. strong signs that the nfl lockout is about to end. lawyers for both sides met for eight hours in new york yesterday to try to close the deal. representatives from each nfl team will meet in d.c. tomorrow to discuss details of the latest contract proposal. >> possibly, it could
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possibly. be put to possibly. >> doors to wilsogeorge wilson, a representative for the players of buffalo says there will be ready salary-cap. for the latest, we have a safety alert if you exercise outside. thieves have targeted doctors three times. >> now today "the guardian ann-- "the guardian angels are taking action. >> the metropolitan branch trail, and eight-mile paved enclave. cpap to be aware of what is going on around you. >> at times if this oasis has been a magnet for robberies. >> it is a shame this has happened so many times. it gives the neighborhood a bad
4:47 am
rap. >> 5 armed holdups between may and june. police stepped up patrols and there were no incidents. >> there are police officers in their cars waiting around. >> the latest was 9:15 monday morning, a man with a gun demanded and got the cell phone, wallets of a bicyclist. even the guardian angels are on alert. >> when i just saw him sitting there as i rode by and then i saw two others approached the trail as i got farther down. >> it makes you feel a little safer? >> yes. >> awareness and some street smarts, maybe the best way. >> pay attention and be aware of risks and you are probably as safe as anywhere else.
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d.c. mayor vincent gray will attend the groundbreaking in northeast d.c.'s h street corridor. the new giant food store and 250 apartments will be built. streetcars are expected to be operating and bear in the fall of 2013. a man accused of killing a prince george's county mother and daughter has been convicted on other charges. 28-year-old jason, scott ellis found guilty of carjacking, theft, and other charges stemming from several home invasions and burglaries. he will be sentenced in october. he goes on trial in november for the 2009 murders of dolores dewitt and her daughter. and investigations into the robocall investigation. the political operatives pleaded not guilty in the in relation to all calls made on election day. paul schurick and julius henson are accused of using the calls to discourage voters from going
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to the polls. the trial is set for sept.. news about baby boomers. roughly one-third of baby boomers are obese. the associated press poll finds obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are not among the biggest health fears of baby boomers. their biggest is cancer. loring your blood pressure could be as simple as changing your diet. a new study says replacing cards with soy protein and low fat dairy could bring about a slow decrease in blood pressure levels. that may lower your risk of getting a stroke. for the 21st year, johns hopkins has taken the top spot in the annual rankings of u.s. hospitals. johns hopkins ranks first in five medical specialties as well. they include neurology and
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neurosurgery urology, of ppsychiatrist and more. 78 degrees outside. >> up next, whites not the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog that matters. we will explain. -- why it's not the size of the dog.
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4:53 on this tuesday morning. a little action on the radar screen but not locally. it's far to the west. some of it could clip part of our viewing area. cumberland could get a brief shower. romney west virginia as well as petersburg and elkins, you'll have a brief shower. for the rest of us, it does not look like we will sustain any rain fall, until later on today. 80 now in the district. warm and humid. 77 in winchester and frederick and 78 in lexington park. 95 is a high temperatures today. hot and muggy. scattered afternoon storms, some could be strong to severe. gusty wind and large hail posing
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the biggest threat. hot and humid tomorrow and maybe a mountain of thunderstorm west of the blue ridge tomorrow. high's still in the mid 90's. 101 degrees by friday. dangerous heat and humidity for the end of the began the weekend. our score wilson now. = = oscar wilson. still the issue on colesville road at sligo creek parkway. you want to avoid that area. beltway looks good at the moment. the work crews should be clearing soon. 270 looking good. heading into i-95 and 66 in virginia everything should be in all sallisaw, no major accidents or delays to report. -- everything should be a all set. back to you. >> thank you. we have a clever video that
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involves a parking little dog that is chasing off a pair of armed robbers. >> he might not look like a threat but he's taking a bite out of crime. >> paco is only 10 pounds, but he is mighty. watch him in action as the attacks two armed robbers in california. after nipping at their ankles, he chases them out of the store and across the street. >> i am shocked to see what he did. >> the shop owner says paco was already a local celebrity everyday. he hops from shop to shop in this california neighborhood and has his own dog bed in some stores. >> everybody in this area knows him. super friendly. >> he wanders down the street.
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he may go next door. sometimes he goes down to starthe bar. >> his owner rescued him years ago. he finds this video so surprising. >> everybody started laughing when they saw the video. the police blasting. it was not expected. >> his crime-fighting ways have earned him his very own superman cape. >> the thieves got away with a little money but it could have been much worse if it were not for the help of paco. 4:56, 78 degrees. a lot more still ahead. >> coming up on this
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we are following breaking news. accident involving a police cruiser causes major problems. for the problems. and temperatures are rising and the worst is yet to come. rupert murdoch faces tough questions as bratisbritish lawmakers investigate the

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